What are Stormwater Ponds?

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Stormwater Ponds Improve Water Quality:

Everyone has seen a stormwater pond before, but you may not realize what they are doing. Stormwater ponds come in various shapes and sizes located in residential neighborhoods or next to shopping centers.  Stormwater ponds are engineered structures that collect and slowly drain stormwater runoff from developed areas during a rainfall event. They have been widely used over many decades and promoted as structures that reduce the negative ecological impacts to our environment, while preserving wild life in our streams and larger water bodies.

If a site is left untreated, stormwater runoff moves quickly from developed areas, down to streams while eroding our stream banks. Stormwater runoff washes pollutants like sediment, oil, trash, and fertilizer into streams, affecting water quality.  With less infiltration due to constructed impervious surfaces (concrete and asphalt), water quantity increases resulting in channel erosion and flooding posing risk to downstream properties. 

The objective of a stormwater pond is to capture stormwater from a rain evert, while allowing pollutants to seep to the bottom of the pond and gradually allow water to leave the pond in a non-erosive manner.